The quality of photographs on any website can make a huge difference to your credibility but it is one thing that is quite often overlooked.  One of the most critical components on any website is good photographs.


The right photographs can influence the overall impression of any website.  A good website can be ruined by poor or poor quality photograph choices. 


When people view your website they are making a quick decision on the credibility of your company and what level of trust they have in you.  Your website is setting the tone and good photography will help set the right tone. This is your opportunity to create a good impression that will make your prospective customer buy from you.



Here are some basic guidelines in using photography on your website:

  •  Always use professional photos or buy stock photo's relating to your business.
  • I find fewer bolder photographs are better than lots of small ones, less is sometimes more.
  • Always show positive imagery, smiling happy people offer positive emotions on websites.
  • Photographs of people tend to be good, people relate to seeing people in photographs.  Even though photos of people are good, avoid the clichéd and meaningless " business people shaking hands ” photos.
  • When planning your website be sure to budget for tasteful high-quality photographs.  This will make a significant difference in how your company is perceived.